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Other Prototyping services provided by our parent company (Following Links will open in new window)

FDM - Fused Deposition Modelling - form, fit, function analysis and concept visualisation protos.

SLA - Stereolithography - suitable for aesthetic visual presentation models with smooth finish.

3D PRINTING - Cheap and fast turnaround, suitable for initial conceptual design, form fit testing.

VACUUM CASTING - For small to medium quantity parts produced out of of Polyurethane resin.

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE - For making Architectural building models, direct from 3D CAD files.

Common Rapid Prototyping Materials:

ABS: Suitable for general purpose plastic prototyping with smooth finish.
PC (Polycarbonate): Strong and robust prototypes in clear or translucent finish.
PP (PolyPropylene): Good for Clips and snap featured prototypes.
ACRYLIC (PMMA): Good for clear fully transparent prototypes like Glass.
NYLON (PA6): Excellent abrasion resistance, good for Gears, Bearings.
ACETAL (DELRIN): Excellent durability, Self-lubricant, Good stiffness.
MORE PROTOTYPING MATERIALS: Check material overview link.

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Have a question or need help selecting suitable RP materials? You can find answers in our Help section - or feel free to contact us.
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CncProtos is an Arptech Rapid Prototyping division, providing one stop solution for all your prototyping needs.