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Property Description of various Plastic materials(Please click below for Graphical comparison)

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Disclaimer: The information contained herein are rough values, purely intended for Rapid Prototyping reference purposes only. We would NOT recommend to use this information for product designing or engineering decision making purpose as many assumptions made while generating these graphs. Users should contact specific material manufacturers for detailed information.

Common Rapid Prototyping Materials:

ABS: Suitable for general purpose plastic prototyping with smooth finish.
PC (Polycarbonate): Strong and robust prototypes in clear or translucent finish.
PP (PolyPropylene): Good for Clips and snap featured prototypes.
ACRYLIC (PMMA): Good for clear fully transparent prototypes like Glass.
NYLON (PA6): Excellent abrasion resistance, good for Gears, Bearings.
ACETAL (DELRIN): Excellent durability, Self-lubricant, Good stiffness.
MORE PROTOTYPING MATERIALS: Check material overview link.

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