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Functional Parts in Real Material
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CncProtos offers high quality Rapid Prototyping service and short run manufacturing of production components.

CncProtos is part of an Australian based company Arptech Pty Ltd, serving prototyping industry for more than a decade. We are specialised in cnc machining of plastic and metal components catering for individual to large multinational companies.

Common Rapid Prototyping Materials:

ABS: Suitable for general purpose plastic prototyping with smooth finish.
PC (Polycarbonate): Strong and robust prototypes in clear or translucent finish.
PP (PolyPropylene): Good for Clips and snap featured prototypes.
ACRYLIC (PMMA): Good for clear fully transparent prototypes like Glass.
NYLON (PA6): Excellent abrasion resistance, good for Gears, Bearings.
ACETAL (DELRIN): Excellent durability, Self-lubricant, Good stiffness.
MORE PROTOTYPING MATERIALS: Check material overview link.

Need Help?

Have a question or need help selecting suitable RP materials? You can find answers in our Help section - or feel free to contact us.
Contact Support:
+61 3 9764.2749

CncProtos is an Arptech Rapid Prototyping division, providing one stop solution for all your prototyping needs.